Première Rhapsodie

Première Rhapsodie

Clarinet and Symphonic Band

Komponist: Claude Debussy

Arrangeur: Marcel Baars

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 5,0

Dauer: 9,00 min


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In 1909, Gabriel Fauré, Director of the Paris Conservatoire, named Claude Debussy to its Board of Directors. In July, Debussy sat on the jury for the conservatory's annual woodwind 'concours' (exit examinations), and that fall he was asked to compose the clarinet test piece for the following year
he obliged with the 'Première Rhapsodie'. Debussy considered the piece 'one of the most charming I have ever written,' and liked it enough to arrange the piano part for orchestra, producing one of his very few concerto-type compositions.

Dutch arranger Marcel Baars transcribed the 'Première Rhapsodie' for Clarinet with accompaniment of a Symphonic Band.
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