Rhapsody for Flugelhorn

Rhapsody for Flugelhorn

Solo für Flügelhorn

Komponist: Andre Waignein

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4,0

Dauer: 6,08 min


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Aufnahme auf CD: Trumpet in Concert

As a trumpet player André Waignein has composed many pieces for this instrument
extremely electrifying pieces meant for young trumpet-players, and more demanding works for professionals.With his rhapsody André Waignein wanted to compose a piece in which spontaneity dominates and in which the virtuosity, sonority and style of the soloist is featured to its maximum. Although the piece is not one of the most difficult, it nevertheless places high musical demands on the soloist. Following an impressive orchestral opening the soloist comes to the fore, with long phrases followed by more dynamic and rhythmic passages. The second movement gives evidence of extreme sensitivity and offers the soloist the opportunity to prove that the trumpet (flugel horn) can be a stirring and emotional instrument. The third movement is the most spectacular. The orchestra actively participates with increasingly delicate interventions. The soloist can display all the possibilities offered to him by his instrument. With a long sostenuto on the trumpet (flugel horn) the beautiful rhapsody ends.
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