Romanze for Cello

Romanze for Cello

Komponist: MacDowell

Arrangeur: Douglas McLain

Schwierigkeitsgrad: 3,0

Dauer: 3,30 min


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As a composer, Edward MacDowell is mostly remembered for his two piano concertos, a great number of compositions for piano including Woodland Sketches (with the very popular 'To a Wild Rose'), New England Idylls, and Marionettes), several important instrumental suites and a large number of songs that were widely performed in his day. The Romanze, Op. 35 was written just before MacDowell's return to America in 1888 and is dedicated to the Austrian cellist David Popper. While not one of MacDowell's major compositions, it possesses a disarming charm and a melody that is impossible to forget.
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